Black Wolf Fitness: The Gunpowder Plot - Team WOD POWDERS

Last weekend we were over at a local gym to us called Black Wolf Fitness, for their recent competition: The Gunpowder Plot¬†ūüß®

If you like functional fitness competitions you would love this one. It was Same Sex Threes, with direct entry into Rx & Scaled divisions. This wasn't your average in-house box competition.

Zakk Wild on the decks...the best podium prizes from WOD Powders and an electrifying atmosphere!!

First WOD: "Fall Guy"
Second WOD: "Macho Monty"
Third WOD: "Fawked Up"
Fourth WOD: "Hung Frawn 'N Thirded"

Black Wolf Fitness x WOD Powders

WOD Powders Black Wolf Fitness

On Saturday we saw plenty of grit, determination and full sends! WOD Powders were providing free shakers and samples of our WOD FUEL, as well as offering our current catalogue of products at special discounted event prices, not to be missed!

All podium athletes (1st, 2nd & 3rd) bagged themselves tubs of Creatine RX, PRE WOD and Creatine RX Black Edition. Authentic Productions captured some amazing moments in photo and video, as seen below:

We entered a WOD Powders team made up of: Carlos Williams-Holden, Sam Whitworth & Cam Gordon.  The team were rocking the new NoRep x WOD powders Outta My Whey tees and came away with 1st Place in the RX males category.

Black Wolf Fitness WOD Powders

Black Wolf Fitness WOD Powders

Drop Black Wolf Fitness a follow on instagram to see when the next competition is announced. (rumoured date: Sat 6th April 2024).

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