Clear Whey Mojito – Collab with The Defiant Co

Right now we’re championing clear whey, the latest product range to be introduced to the WOD Powders portfolio! We recently attended the Defiant Games as an event sponsor, so we’re excited to be extending our connections with The Defiant Co. and launching a new flavour collab with their clothing brand. Their message is all about striving for continuous improvement day by day, which aligns perfectly with our sports nutrition brand in helping individuals to reach for their fitness goals.

Clear whey is lighter than traditional whey, mixing well with water and creating more of a juice like shake or soft drink. Formulated from high quality whey protein isolate, clear whey is renowned for its high level of purity and is here to offer you a refreshing and hydrating alternative, just in time for the summer!

Clear Whey The Defiant Co

What could be better alongside training through the warmer months than a nice cooling Mojito! Quench your thirst whilst getting your protein hit at the same time with the traditional cocktail flavour combination of lime and mint.

Lower in lactose than a traditional whey, the clear whey is easier to digest and gentler on the stomach, which is ideal for those who may experience a lower tolerance to lactose.

It provides all the essential amino acids required to maintain lean mass and for muscle repair and recovery post workout. Great for on-the-go our clear whey offers 75% protein per serving, is low in sugar, and uses only natural colour and flavourings.

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