WOD Powders Clear Whey Collab with Crossfit Gainsborough

After gym owner Carlos Williams-Holden just hit his 150kg clean & jerk we thought it was time to drop the new flavour collab with his gym, CrossFit Gainsborough!

Crossfit Gainsborough offers Crossfit sessions for all levels. It is owned and run by Carlos, an experienced personal trainer and fitness coach with a passion for Crossfit.

Another fruity fusion, this time around it’s ORANGE & MANGO!


WOD Powders clear whey makes a flavourful high protein juice, with 75% protein found in each serving. Our Clear Whey is made using a hydrolysed whey protein isolate. More transparent than regular whey it mixes well with water and is low in fat and carbs, using only natural colouring and flavours – great if you are trying to avoid excessive sugars found in some of the shakes available on the market.

Hydrating and refreshing it also has a lower lactose concentration that regular whey, making it gentler on the stomach and great for any individuals that may have a higher sensitivity or lower tolerance to lactose.

Drink after your training session to aid muscle repair and recovery or consume at any time of day simply to boost your daily protein intake.

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Disclaimer: WOD Powders is not associated with CrossFit® in any way and these opinions are separate from the CrossFit® brand.