Creatine RX Black Edition – NEW PRODUCT!

If you’ve been using our Creatine RX then you’ll definitely want to try our new Creatine RX Black Edition in collaboration with Black Wolf Fitness!

Based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, like WOD Powders they are passionate about functional fitness.

Helping you to achieve gains in your strength, power, speed, and muscle mass – creatine has been widely studied and is rated as one of the top supplements for improving performance in the gym. It is particularly suited to crossfit with high intensity exercises and a need for successive short bouts of quick energy.

Black Wolf Fitness x WOD Powders

Creatine RX Black Edition combines creatine monohydrate powder with a natural blackcurrant flavouring and the addition of AstraGin®  - a patented plant derived compound comprised of astragalus and ginseng. AstraGin® that has been studied and shown to enhance absorption of nutrients and promote gut health and a healthy immune system.

Supplementing with creatine can help to optimise levels of ATP in the body, meaning more energy in your muscles - enabling you to train harder, and improve anaerobic exercise threshold providing benefits to high intensity exercise such as sprinting, weightlifting and HIIT training.
WOD Powders Creatine

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