Flowstate In-House Competition x WOD Powders


We are super excited to be sponsoring the 'OH MY WOD' In-House competition for Flowstate, the home of Crossfit Tewkesbury.

We are hoping for a warm bank holiday on the 29th August so with that in mind the team at WOD Powders have decided to send sample sachets of our WOD Fuel to all the athletes competiting at the OH MY WOD pairs competition.

Crossfit Tewkesbury x WOD Powders


When: Monday 29th August (Bank Holiday)

Where: Crossfit Tewkesbury

Our WOD Fuel contains 9 key active ingredients but 6 main ones are:

Glutamine - to aid with muscular recovery
Taurine - to help with cellular hydration and support blood flow.
Electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) which help maintain a normal salt balance and replenish lost minerals, ideal for intense crossfit training.


Flowstate Crossfit Tewkesbury WOD Powders

The top 6 athletes (2 podiums) will all receive a WOD Powders care package sent out to them in the post.

Good luck to all the athletes getting involved. Remember to send it!