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NUTRITION SPONSORS for this season's online competition!

Hunting Season is an online WOD Competition hosted by the guys at WOD Hunter. This is their second online competition which starts on September 1st 2022!

It is a singles competition for Males and Females, which features an RX and scaled option, so all abilities are welcome and able to compete.

How does it work?

The competition spans 3 months, on the 1st of each month we will release 2 new wods, you then have 3 weeks to attempt, record and submit your work out.

As we always encourage participation and competing against yourself more than anything, by just completing all WODs you will be entered into the draw to win prizes. See below to see some of the excellent sponsors we had last year

WOD Powders x WOD Hunter Online Competition


In total there will be 4 sets of standings, RX and scaled for both Male and Female. The best score in RX will score one point, with second place scoring two points etc. The best placed scaled will score the last place in RX+1. The top of the overall standings will be the athlete with the least amount of points. The overall scaled standings will only include athletes who have only completed scaled wods. The RX standings will contain RX only and mixed athletes.

RX or Scaled

We want to make sure the competition is as flexible so everyone can enjoy taking part and get the chance to win the great prizes from our sponsors. Below you'll see some info which may help guide you to see which category you may want to take part in. Get in touch at any point in the competition of you have any issues with any movements or need some scaling alternatives.

Mix and Matching?

You do not have to commit to one of the divisions at the beginning of the competition. If you choose to, for example, RX in 6 of the wods and scale in 2 of the others, this is allowed. You will however not appear in the overall standings for the scaled division, just the RX.


Double Unders
Hand Stand Push Ups
Toes to Bar
Deadlifts ( 102kg M / 62kg F)
Overhead Barbell Moves ( 42.5kg M / 30kg F)
Pull Ups
Pistol Squats
DB moves (22.5kg M / 15kg F)
American KB Swings (28kg M / 20kg F)


Single Unders
Hand Release Push Ups
Knee Raises
Deadlifts ( 70kg M / 42kg F)
Overhead Barbell Moves ( 30kg M / 20kg F)
Jumping Pull Ups
Weight Step Ups
DB moves (15kg M / 9kg F)
American KB Swings (20kg M / 12kg F)

Online Crossfit Competition - WOD Hunter

We are looking forward to seeing all those who enter, remember to tag us on your socials!

WOD Powders prizes will be sent to the 1st place athletes for RX & Scaled for both men and women.

We are also donating 6 products for the prize draw for those athletes who manage to complete all 6 workouts.

Happy Hunting.