PRE WOD Lemon – Back in Stock!

Great news for all our PRE WOD fans out there – following a temporary shortage our PRE WOD Lemon will be back in stock and ready for you to order on 7th June.

Our juicy lemon flavour pre workout supplement will be available in our usual standard 300g tubs, but now also comes in a 10g single serve sachet – portable and convenient to always carry with you in a pocket or gym bag so you won’t forget to consume before training.

PRE WOD Juicy Lemon

To celebrate the return of our PRE WOD Lemon we’ll be including free sample sachets in with all orders placed directly with our website for the remainder of June and throughout July… And that’s not all… We’ll be offering 10% off anything on the website when you apply the voucher code PREWOD to your order at the checkout.

PRE WOD Juicy Lemon

Consumed 30 minutes prior to your workout PRE WOD is designed to increase your focus and energy levels throughout and reduce the build-up of lactic acid. PRE WOD contains all the ingredients essential to a great pre workout supplement, with quality ingredients including Beta-Alanine, caffeine and Astragin®. Astragin® is there to help you get the most out of every serving - this patented plant-based compound enhances the body’s capacity to absorb vital nutrients such as key amino acids L-Citrulline and L-Arginine that can help to increase nitric oxide levels and increase blood flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle tissues. It means you’ll be able to fight the fatigue and power through until it’s time to quit. You can expect decreased levels of muscle soreness and faster recovery after each WOD.

Our PRE WOD also comes in two additional zingy flavours that will get you buzzing for your workout - Rainbow Candies or Cherry Cola Bottles.  If you’re ready to boost your training – work harder, go faster, lift heavier and see results then give it a try!

At WOD Powders we will give you transparency on our labels so that you know the exact amounts of each active ingredient. For detailed ingredients and further product information click here