The Castle Games X WOD Powders : SEND THEM IN!

The Castle Games X WOD Powders : SEND THEM IN!

WOD Powders are excited to announce that we are the nutrition sponsor for The Castle Games Teams SEND THEM IN competition.

Castle Games Crossfit Competition

SEND THEM IN 2022 is a team competition for up to 6 members, being held on the weekend of 19th – 20th November at Middlesborough Sports Village.

Teams will be put through at least 8 tests of fitness over the day, including individual, pairs, mixed pairs, team and mixed team workouts, with the maximum number of athletes competing in an event being 4. Teams can choose who to send in for each event allowing you to play to differing individuals strengths.


Castle Games x WOD Powders


WOD powders are giving away prizes to the WOD Powders event winners and athletes who make the overall podium.


WOD Powders Castle Games

Interested? To find out more information, sign up a team or see how to spectate click here

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