What is PRE WOD?

PRE WOD is the latest pre workout functional fitness supplement which has combined all the effects a good pre workout needs. It provides you with increased energy, increased focus and reduced lactic acid during your workout.

This pre-workout has been designed to get you in the zone for every single WOD. Expect to crush your workouts, get faster times and lift heavier.

PRE WOD contains Astragin® which helps improve your body's ability to absorb key amino acids, proteins and glucose to ensure you get the maximum benefit from every serving.



  • Improved focus and mental energy, which will give you the stamina you need to complete even the most gruelling of WOD's.

  • Improved natural energy levels that leave you feeling like you can tackle your workout head on. No more dragging yourself into the box. You’ll be hyped and ready to give it your all.

  • Enhanced muscular endurance. PRE WOD will ensure that you won’t quit until it’s time to quit.

  • Reduced level of lactic acid build up. You'll be able to workout for longer at a higher intensity thanks to our good friend Beta Alanine.

  • Increased blood flow to and from the muscle tissues, which will deliver more nutrients and oxygen, thus preventing fatigue build-up.

  • Decreased levels of soreness after each WOD.


How long until PRE WOD pre kicks in?
You should expect to feel the affects around 20-30 minutes after drinking it. Expect an increase in energy, focus and buzz!

Who should take PRE WOD?
Functional fitness athletes, strength athletes, endurance athletes. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports. Anyone looking to optimise their training.

Are there any risks of side effects?
PRE WOD contains beta alanine, so you may experience a slight tingling sensation on the skin once consumed. This is perfectly normal and not harmful in any way.