Whey RX Flavour Collab with BYS Crossfit

We know how important post-workout recovery is. It is essential to provide the body with a quality profile of all the amino acids required for muscle building, strength, and repair to rebuild lean muscle tissue. We also know that taste is important too! Tired of basic everyday protein flavours we like to offer something that’s a bit different… With that in mind we have developed a unique protein flavour in collaboration with BYS Crossfit – the new Crossfit Gym in Burgess Hill offering a great space and environment for people to make new friends, get fit and have fun.

For this collaboration we have introduced Butter Cookie flavour to our WHEY RX range.

WHEY RX is a convenient way to meet your additional protein needs alongside any high intensity training programme. Easy to mix into a shake for a quick and easy protein source. You can also try incorporating it into a bowl of hot oats to kick off the day with a tasty protein boosting breakfast.

Each serving of WHEY RX comes packed with 20g of protein. Low in both fat and sugar, the Whey comes from grass-fed cows ensuring hormone free environments for a quality product. We also use natural flavouring and colouring. Offering great mixability and easily digestible, WHEY RX is ideal for maintaining/building muscle mass and promoting strength increases to enhance performance.

If you’re ready to progress in your training, try some WHEY RX today. Alongside our new flavour collab we have a range of original and delicious flavours to enjoy – these include Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Salted Caramel and Strawberry. To connect with us on socials, see further WHEY RX product information, or to browse our full product range visit our web store here https://www.wodpowders.co.uk/