WOD Powders thumb tape has arrived!

Adding to our range of gym accessories WOD Powders are looking out for all you lifters, by launching our new weightlifting thumb tape.

Weightlifting thumb tape can help you to lift heavier by improving your grip on the barbell or dumbbell and reduce the risk of dropping the weight. Suitable for Olympic weightlifters, Crossfitters, powerlifters, strongmen and strongwomen, it provides the additional support and cushioning you need to protect your thumb from injury, whilst still giving you the flexibility your joints need. Say goodbye to cuts and blisters and welcome to a more comfortable workout.

WOD Powders Weightlifting Tape

Protecting thumbs, fingers, wrists and palms, our tape is lightweight, self-adhesive, and really easy to apply, just tear off as much as you need. The tape moulds to the contours of your hands comfortably and absorbs both chalk and sweat. It is friendly to the skin and no bother to remove when you’re done.

Lift heavy, look stylish and show everyone you are part of the WOD Squad with our WOD Powders branded black weightlifting thumb tape.

WOD Powders Weightlifting Tape


Each roll is 2.5cm (1inch) width x 5 metre in length.

3 rolls = £8.99
6 rolls = £14.99

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