Electrolyte RX Flavour Collab x Crossfit Twenty Three

Our Electrolyte RX range just got bigger! Here at WOD Powders HQ we’ve been busy working on a new flavour in collaboration with Crossfit Twenty Three, South London’s newest CrossFit affiliated gym.

We’re teaming up to welcome a fresh flavour to our Electrolyte RX range – LEMON, LIME & MINT!

Refreshing and hydrating Electrolyte RX replenishes vital salts and minerals lost through exercise. CrossFit workouts can be prolonged, intense under high temperatures, which can increase fluid loss through sweat. This can impact performance and even lead to muscle cramping. It is important to stay well hydrated, particularly for endurance performance during high intensity physical activity.

The average athlete loses 1-3 litres of sweat per hour which consists of mostly water, but also electrolytes. Electrolytes are vital to your fitness and overall health. They help to maintain fluid balance, aid muscle contraction, nerve function, energy metabolism and support normal blood pressure.

Electrolyte RX is easy to prepare, just mix with water and consume before, during or after training to replenish your body with a mix of all the essential electrolytes needed – Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Chloride. The Electrolyte RX formula also incorporates coconut water, a natural source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, providing optimum hydration.

Electrolyte RX is low calorie and sweetened naturally, providing the most beneficial ratio of electrolytes including high doses of sodium, which many brands often don’t have. Rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes with our carefully crafted formula can help you to avoid fatigue as well as any additional symptoms of dehydration such as headaches, light headedness, and cramping.  It is also suitable for rest days to maintain the perfect balance.


WOD Powders is passionate about functional fitness. Our nutrition brand targets beginners right through to top functional fitness athletes. If you are interested in functional fitness and CrossFit then check out the full range of products available here.