WOD FLEX – Joint Supplement for CrossFit

Maintaining flexibility, stability, and range of motion in the joint structures is a key part of being a successful functional fitness athlete. It’s vital to assist your performance, reduce the risk of potential injury and help you maintain athletic ability.

Functional Fitness involves performing continually varied functional movements at high intensity. Workouts are comprised of multi-joint movements that ready your body for real-life - such as walking, pushing, pulling, loading, lifting, twisting, bending, squatting, and lunging. WOD POWDERS offers support for your training programme with WOD FLEX - a high-quality joint formula containing 8 active ingredients that can help maintain joint and bone health.

The formula contains both MSM and Celadrin® which have been shown in studies to reduce inflammation [¹][²]. It also contains Tendoforte® - a composition of specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® which have been specifically isolated for the repair of collagen-based tissues (ligaments and tendons), along with Vitamin C to support collagen formation for healthy cartilage. Vollagen® provides a non-animal source of amino acids ready to be absorbed. They are in the same proportion as those found within human collagen.

WOD FLEX Supplement for Joints

WOD FLEX also provides a dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin both of which are needed for healthy joint structures. They are two naturally occurring compounds within cartilage. WOD FLEX uses a superior pharmaceutical veg grade Glucosamine HCI which is a more concentrated form of Glucosamine compared to Glucosamine Sulphate. Additionally, the mineral calcium has also been added for bone health to help boost your daily intake.

A high-quality joint formula is just as important for the everyday, as well as for looking after your long-term athletic ability and flexibility. WOD FLEX powder is convenient to consume, dissolving easily in water to make a delicious drink. It comes in 2 flavours Sweet Cherry or Fruit Punch to be enjoyed once daily.

Supplements for Crossfit

From complete beginners, right through to top functional fitness athletes – WOD Powders have a complete range focusing on both performance and recovery to help optimise different aspects of your training.

One-of-a-kind formulations incorporate premium patented ingredients wherever possible, and high-quality raw materials backed by science, that will get results.