Here at WOD powders HQ we’ve been working on another new flavour collaboration that’ll pique the interest of CrossFit and functional fitness enthusiasts. Teaming up with No Rep UK Apparel – a provider of quality CrossFit and Lifestyle apparel with a positive message, we are launching new Forest Fruits flavoured WOD FUEL.

Our increasingly popular intra workout supplement is just what you need to see the fruits of your labour in the gym (pun intended! 😊). It is the ideal accompaniment to your training if you are looking to enhance your performance, aid your recovery and smash though those goals.

Designed to help you get results, sip WOD Fuel throughout your WOD to increase your energy levels and blood flow and delay fatigue, replenish salts, nutrients and glycogen stores and reduce the risk of DOMS.


With patented Cluster Dextrin®, an advanced low GI highly branched carbohydrate source it provides a steadier increase in blood sugar levels over time, delivering smooth constant energy to replenish muscle glycogen stores.

Essential electrolytes help you to stay hydrated and maintain a normal salt balance – important when you are training intensely such as with CrossFit.

Nitric Oxide enhancer citrulline malate aids the increase of blood flow for the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to benefit your performance and recovery[1]. The addition of BCAAs further aids endurance and recovery. Additionally, we have added a couple of other important amino acids – taurine, shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It has been linked with reduced fatigue, less muscle damage/soreness after an exercise session[2]. L-Glutamine which stimulates glycogen synthesis and has been studied in sports supplementation for its anti-fatigue properties[3].

Forest Fruits WOD Fuel

At WOD Powders we give you transparency on our labels so that you know the exact amounts of each active ingredient. For detailed ingredients and further product information click here.

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