WOD POWDERS x Crossfit Gainsborough GYM Collab!

Here at WOD Powders we understand the importance of working alongside other brands and athletes to help each other grow. Crossfit Gainsborough is a real community that Carlos Williams-Holden has built up and as a regular user of our powders we wanted to do a full brand collab with his gym, CrossFit Gainsborough!


We kicked off the gym collab by adding the Crossfit Gainsborough logo to the new orange & mango clear whey isolate tub labels. We featured his gym on our brand collab page and offered all of his members a 15% discount off all orders.

We took a load of stock over to his gym for the coaches and athletes there on the day and branded the gym wall with a large acrylic WOD Powders logo, which looks epic!! 

If you're every in the area (Lincolnshire) make sure to drop in to the gym and in the meantime order your Clear Whey online: HERE

Disclaimer: WOD Powders is not associated with CrossFit® in any way and these opinions are separate from the CrossFit® brand.