Is Clear Whey Protein Good for You?

Whey proteins are great for on-the-go nutrition and to build and repair muscle. They can prove invaluable for athletes looking to optimise their training and recovery. Consuming them regularly as part of an active workout program can help to ensure they meet their additional protein demands. For some however it can often feel like it has become a chore as people may tire of the same flavours and creamy shakes on repeat.

To avoid consumption fatigue, you may want to get on board with the latest protein trend – Clear whey? Here are some reasons you should try it.

So firstly, clear whey is just what it says it is – Whey that is clear when dissolved in water. This makes it more juice like than milky and shake like. Clear Whey is made from the purification and acidification of whey protein isolate. This means it is low in PH with a higher acidity, and can pair well with fruity flavours, which when mixed with water can make a drink that feels lighter, more refreshing and hydrating, whilst still getting all nine essential amino acids.

Clear Whey is formulated from Whey Protein Isolate which is a high-quality protein source containing around 90% protein and much lower concentration levels of lactose than other forms. This makes it good for people who are lactose intolerant or have a lower tolerance to lactose and may have experienced symptoms such as flatulence or abdominal pain. It is likely that these individuals will find it easier to digest than the more common whey protein concentrate which has around 80% protein content and a higher concentration of lactose, carbohydrates and fat.

Ultimately clear whey is a good option for anyone struggling to meet their protein requirements and looking to increase their daily protein consumption. It is however important to watch out for added sugars when choosing a clear whey protein as the regular consumption of products with a high level could contribute to weight gain.

Clear whey can be a great option alongside whole food sources in your diet to help you maintain lean mass. Clear whey shakes can help you to feel satisfied in between meals and provide a light and refreshing means to hydrate and help the body recover following an intense workout. They cater well to those who prefer a juice like taste and texture.