New VEGAN PROTEIN Flavour x Vegan Athlete Programme

It’s time for another new flavour collab – this time of the plant-based kind!

In association with The Vegan Athlete Programme and Vegan PT James Bowden we’ve formulated a new special edition of our VEGAN PROTEIN… Choc Chip Cookie flavour!

Vegan Protein Choc Chip Cookie

Our Vegan protein blends are a mix of pea, rice and hemp proteins plus added BCAAs, and contain over 70g protein per 100g. High in fibre, containing natural flavouring and colours, no dairy, low in sugar and saturated fat. This plant-based alternative to whey provides the body with a quality profile of all the amino acids required for muscle building, strength, and repair, whilst still offering great taste.

The Vegan Athlete Programme (VAP) uses Functional Fitness to help people become the fittest, strongest, and healthiest versions of themselves.

Given the growing popularity of veganism, the VAP is for those who need help to optimise a vegan/plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan Athlete Programme - James Bowden

If you want to compete in Functional Fitness or CrossFit competitions, whilst working towards improving strength and technique, learning/improving Olympic lifting and gymnastics, and boosting your aerobic and anaerobic fitness then look no further.

The VAP includes a bespoke training programme suited to every individuals specific goals and ability, with personalised nutritional goals and education on how they can be achieved. Performance measures and a weekly check-in (either in person or virtually), along with access to the TrueCoach app. Check out for further information.

Vegan Crossfitter - James Bowden

For quality functional fitness and CrossFit nutrition formulated to support performance and recovery during training and competition, check out