NEW PRE WOD and WOD FUEL Sachet Boxes!

Given their rising popularity, our WOD Powders sachets are now available as a bundle. We‘ve been told they are a great way for our customers to try a variety of our flavours before committing to purchasing bulk quantities of our products in a tub. They are also great for those who get a little bored persevering with the same flavour, like the ease of a single serving portion, and prefer a mix of options for their fitness regimen.

The 10g sachets are single serving and have proven to be a real hit as they are easy to carry in your gym bag or pocket. They are really convenient for use on the go, so you won’t forget to prep and consume before/during your training or competition. Just mix one sachet with cold water and you’re ready to go!

They would also make a really great gift for your Crossfit mates!

We have a PRE WOD sachet box and a WOD FUEL sachet box available.

Each box contains 24 sachets - 3 varieties of flavour, with 8 sachets of each.

PRE WOD – our popular pre workout supplement for improved energy, focus and reduced lactic acid build up. With our sachet box you get to try our old favourites rainbow candy and lemon drop, as well as our most powerful pre workout supplement to date - PRE WOD Xtra in sour apple flavour.

WOD FUEL – our intra workout supplement, formulated to replenish nutrients and glycogen stores during training and competition. It uses superior carbohydrate source cluster dextrin. Try it in orange, tropical and forest fruits flavours.

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