Crossfit Jorvik x Battle Valhalla

If you like functional fitness and pushing your body to the limits seeing what you can achieve, then you’ll want to check out the Battle Valhalla based in the North-East at CrossFit Jorvik near the centre of York. If you’re up for the challenge of a team competition, then look no further!

Sign-ups are open right now for this same sex 3’s competition being held on 23rd September. With 3 categories: RX, Intermediate, and Scaled, register now to compete, and complete the seeding workouts to find your category before the deadline on 31st August.

WOD Powders Battle Valhalla

Then it’s all down to the day where you can expect to work hard, accomplish goals, possibly win prizes, and most importantly have fun! WOD Powders will also be there as an event sponsor and vendor cheering on all the competing athletes. We’ll be handing out free samples of our WOD FUEL and PRE WOD powders, as well as offering our current catalogue of products at special discounted event prices, not to be missed!

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, for event wins, the biggest lifts and more. Along with this there is the live competition floor DJ and an on-site photographer - boosting the atmosphere and capturing the memories.

WOD Powders Crossfit Supplements

We have a team entering lead by WOD Powders athlete: Carlos Williams-Holden!
The team will be rocking the new NoRep x WOD powders Outta My Whey tees. Looking out for the team on the podium.

WOD Powders Crossfit

Check out the link below to sign up or to find out more:

Battle Valhalla Same Sex 3's York | Tickets, Workouts, Leaderboard, Schedule (

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