New Flavour WOD FUEL: Peach!

It’s time to introduce our latest new flavour to the WOD Fuel range…

Together with Cal Morey – an online coach with a passion for Olympic weightlifting and running ironmans, we are introducing Peach flavoured WOD Fuel. Here at WOD Powders we welcome the opportunity to be a part of any client/athlete’s journey and helping them to achieve and even surpass their goals, so we’re really excited about this latest collaboration.

Offering the benefit of bespoke workout and meal plans, progress tracking and continuous communication to motivate you, his online platform allows Cal to be much wider reaching, sharing his expertise and experience with a much larger group of people. A high quality intra workout supplement could be just what is needed to help maximise performance and support your training along the way.

Coach Cal Morey

WOD Fuel is a great accompaniment for workouts and competitions, replenishing nutrients and topping up your energy reserves throughout. The carbohydrate source comes from Cluster Dextrin® which has low osmolarity, meaning it digests quickly in the gut, reducing the risk of any gastric distress during your training. This is something that people find can quite often occur when using cheaper carbohydrate powders such as dextrose or maltodextrin. It also gives you a steadier increase in blood sugar levels over time, as opposed to the less advanced carbohydrates that can cause spikes. WOD Fuel can help you to train harder and get more out of each workout. Trials have demonstrated that athletes consuming highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD) over glucose or maltodextrin sports beverages have significantly reduced rates of perceived exertion (RPE)[1].

Peach WOD Fuel - Crossfit Supplements

The addition of ingredients Citrulline Malate, BCAAs and L-Glutamine help with endurance and recovery – increasing nitric oxide production and blood flow, delaying muscle fatigue, assisting replenishment of glycogen stores, and reducing muscle soreness.

Each serving of WOD Fuel also provides a dose of essential electrolytes to maintain a normal salt balance – important when you are training intensely.

With this new flavour of WOD FUEL you’ll be feeling peachy keen for your whole workout. For further product information visit