The Best Crossfit Podcast in the UK

Have you been looking for something to listen to whilst driving to your local Crossfit box? Perhaps something to listen to whilst running or doing active recovery?

As the Crossfit scene in the UK is rapidly growing, so is the standard. This year we saw more UK athletes make the semi finals than every before.

Luckily THE WOD POD® has weekly conversations with UK Crossfitters, fitness experts, coaches, brand owners & athletes.

Guests so far include:

Dan Tai - Crossfit Games athlete
Carlos Williams-Holden - Elite athlete
Georgia Davenport - Crossfit Games athlete
Georgina Harris - England gymnast
Sapphire Goddard - Crossfit Games semi finalist
Connie Easby - Crossfit Games semi finalist
Robbie Davies Jr - Pro Boxer

THE WOD POD® is an independent functional fitness podcast sponsored by WOD Powders, No Rep Apparel, Built for Athletes & MY GSN.

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