NEW PRE WOD Flavour x Brick by Brick Programming x Crossfit 252

Following the successful launch of our pre workout for functional fitness 'PRE WOD' in its 2 delicious flavours: Juicy Lemon and Rainbow Candies, we’ve decided that the time is now for a little bit more variety, and we’re pleased to be introducing a brand-new flavour to the range.

In collaboration with Brick-by-Brick Programming and Crossfit 252 – a strength & conditioning gym in Chesterfield specialising in CrossFit, functional fitness, and personal training, the newest addition to the PRE WOD flavour range is Cherry Cola bottles flavour. We know people are going to love it just as much!

Cherry Cola Bottles PRE WOD

PRE WOD has been formulated specifically to increase energy levels during your workout, as well as helping to reduce the build-up of lactic acid. It provides the perfect solution to assist you in knuckling down and getting the best out of your WOD every single time!

Thanks to Beta-Alanine which has been shown to enhance muscular endurance during high-intensity exercise you can expect to be able to work for longer at higher intensities.

The addition of Astragin® a patented plant derived compound helps increase your body’s capacity to absorb key nutrients - amino acids, proteins, and glucose, ensuring you reap the benefits of every serving.

PRE WOD Crossfit 252

Consuming just one serving 30 minutes before exercise is enough to ensure that you are ready to get stuck in and buzzing for your WOD. With improved focus and increased blood flow to and from the muscles delivering nutrients and oxygen you’ll be able to fight the fatigue, power through your WOD and only give up when it’s actually time to quit. Decreased levels of soreness after each workout session lets you recover faster and be ready to give it your all the next time.


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